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History of the

Shar Pei



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The Shar Pei originated in China, and most believe is related to the tomb dog statues found in burial sites dating back to the Han Dynasty.

Used by peasant farmers to herd stock and protect property, the breed flourished in Northern and Southern China up until Communist rule in the 1940's.

Laws were passed that deemed a dog too frivolous and a waste of food, so a heavy tax was imposed and consequently extremely large numbers were destroyed. Those that survived had to pay their way - and were drugged and pitted against one another in bloodsport.

The breed was saved by Matgo Law, who smuggled some of the last remaining Shar Pei into Hong Kong, and began his search for people to take this wonderful animal and save it from extinction.

Breeders and dog lovers in the US answered his plea and since then the breed has flourished throughout the world...........

For a more detailed History on the breed


Chinese Shar Pei Club of America


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